Why Do We Kiss?

A kiss is an intimate thing in every person’s life. Kissing helps express emotions and even understand how relationships develop.

A kiss has its own international day, which is celebrated in July. It first appeared in the UK and is now celebrated in many cities around the world. Festive events include entertaining competitions such as “The Most Unusual Kiss”, “The Most Sensitive Kiss”, “The Longest Kiss”, etc.

So, what do we know about this sensitive and intimate process? Kisses have their own language, which can tell about the intentions of a person. Psychologists claim that after the first kiss, one can understand how the relationship will develop. Let’s talk about the meaning of a kiss. To do this, we must consider the following things: the emotional mind, the circumstances, and even the exact location of the lips.

A kiss on the hand. It’s a bit old-fashioned these days, which makes this kiss even more romantic. It used to be a formal gesture to greet a woman. But now it can be a sign of attention, courtesy or even affection that is more than just love.

Kissing a wrist is sensual and enlightening. In addition, psychologists also think that it can be a sign of the intention to subjugate the partner.

A forehead kiss is an affectionate kiss that expresses concern and care. Such a kiss can be typical when one of the partners (usually a man) is much older than the other.

A kiss on the nose expresses tenderness and sympathy. Such a kiss shows that your partner trusts you.

A kiss on the cheek today is a routine way to greet the friend, relative or other people you know well. In such case, the kiss has no deep meaning. Still, if a lover wants to kiss the other on the cheek, it may mean the desire to get closer when it’s difficult to make the first big step.

A kiss on the corner of the mouth. It is an attempt to engage in a relationship that can help you know if a partner will let you have more.

A kiss on the lips shows both passion and pleasure. A quick kiss on the lips can be a kind of “I like you”, “We have a good time together” to say. Such a kiss is typical for people who do not like to tell a lot about their feelings.

In general, a kiss on the lips is very intimate and can be shy, tender, trembling, passionate and even demanding. It depends on the temperament and the intentions of the partner. Most commonly this means that the partner wants a close relationship and is ready for it. Too aggressive a kiss means lack of self-confidence and the desire to assert oneself. Biting your lips while kissing can signal that the partner is jealous.

A well-known “French kiss” is the sign of maximum passion and physical attraction. It also depends on whether you kiss with your eyes open or closed. In the first case (open eyes), a partner is not confident and tries to observe the reaction. In the second case (closed eyes) both partners are fully in the process and closing their eyes intensifies the senses and sensitivity.

A kiss on the neck means a desire to seduce. It is probably made by an experienced partner who wants to arouse a woman and knows that the neck is one of the erogenous zones. A kiss on the ear is an attempt to involve the partner in lovemaking and is considered a prelude.

A sudden passionate kiss is the most romantic. Such kisses can be a sign of strong passion that leads to the loss of self-control and are memorable. A cold soulless kiss means that your partner no longer feels passion for you or just lies.