Types of Kissing Games

There are different types of kissing games in which people participates in and usually involves kissing. All these games have certain rules and are ideally played by two or more people. Here are some of the popular kissing games.


This is an ancient English game which is mentioned repeatedly by the 17th and 18th centuries poet. The game is played by three couples who are located in different positions. The couple at the middle is usually referred to be in prison or hell. This couple chases the other two couples and if they overtake one of them, the one overtaken then goes to the center (hell) and get to kiss and also to chase the others.

The Kiss Cam

This is a popular kissing game which takes place in courts, arenas and stadiums that have cameras and screen during sporting events. During one of the downtimes such as half times, the crowd is alerted through a song or other signal that the kiss cam game is on. The camera then search through the crowd of spectators and the couple that is shown on the screen gets to kiss as the rest of the audience cheer or boo if the selected couple refuses to kiss.


This is also a popular game which is not necessarily played with kissing intention but can be turned into a kissing game. In this game a group of males and females usually selects one or two of them to chase after the other with intentions of touching using the hand. The touched person is then referred to as tagged and assumes the role of chasing the others while the one who tagged them gets out of the game. If the final untagged people are a man and a woman, they kiss a sign of victory.

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Spin the Bottle

This is another game amongst the types of kissing games where the participants have to sit around a bottle. This bottle is spinned by every participant at a time where they must kiss the person whom the bottle points when it settles.

7 Minutes in Heaven

Seven Minutes in Heaven involves a group of people usually in a party selecting two of them and allowing them to go into a secluded place where they are allowed to do whatever they want which is commonly kissing. The selection methods can vary with the most popular being drawing lots or spinning a bottle.

Post Office

This is also a kissing game which is popular in parties where members of different genders move to two different rooms. Members in one room either males or females select one person to go knock on the door of the room where members of the opposite gender are. The people whom door is knocked then select a single person to go and answer the door and consequently kiss the person knocking the door.

Truth or Dare

In this game two or more people asks each other questions with either an option of answering truthfully or doing something daring. If the person asked the particular question finds it too embarrassing or hard to answer, then they must preform the daring activity which is agreed prior to asking of the question. Majority of the daring activities usually involve kissing where the person who does not respond to the question asked is challenged to kiss a certain person.

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