The Three Types of Love in the Bible

Irrespective of your status, race or the economics, everyone values love & recognizes that it is love that shapes what is true and good. The term “love” has always been used so broadly to describe a strong feeling or emotion towards, for, or between someone or something, and more specific definitions of love for different relationships have been considered over the years. But there are three kinds of love in the Bible and these are Eros, Agape and Philos.

Eros Love

Eros is a Greek term which actually means desire and longing. And according to the Greek methodology, Eros is the name of the Greek god of love. Also referred to as erotic love, this is a selfish kind of love as it associated with sexual love. Eros love is based on the strong feeling we have against one another and it usually develops during the 1st stage of a romantic relationship. This kind of love is based on the physical traits. This type of love can end up being possessive, since it always seeks to 1st conquer and then control.

According to the Bible, God created physical attraction, but never intended for it to be selfish. He created desire and longing which makes up sexual love which is crucial in any marriage. This love was meant to be preserved between a couple and it is essential for any healthy marriage. And since it is mostly based on self-benefit, many people tend to fall out of love if they are not happy with the marriage.

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Agape Love

In the Bible, this is a special term which represents the divine-love of the Lord towards his Son Jesus Christ, the human beings and all believers. This is the best of the three types of love in the bible, in fact Jesus himself showed this type of divine love to his Dad in heaven and humanity. Agape love is the love that God commanded all believers to have for everyone whether he/she is a believer or not. Agape love should never be determined by our feelings; it is more of a set of behaviors or actions. With agape, you do not have to actually feel it for you to give it, which means that you can be able to show love without feeling anything at all. At times feelings can follow after showing this kind of love.

Philos Love

This is a unique kind of love like the one you have for a companion or pal. It refers to loving one another just like your brother or sister. This love is for a pal who is really close and dear to us and it is characterized by various different shared experiences between two people. In fact this is the kind of love that many Christians tend to practice towards one another. And although philos love is really wonderful, it is not very reliable, since it can end up souring at times as we have all experienced at some point in our lives.


  1. Joseph Terikoff says:

    There are at least five words for love given for believers to share with each
    other in the New Testament, and at least four in the Old Testament and four of
    the loves in the New Testament pair up very effectively with those in the Old.
    And, there are probably even more words waiting for the believer who really
    desires to search into God’s Word, to find.

  2. Onogwu Samuel (Peculiar) says:

    Biblically, Agape love is the collective issue which is greater then ever but i personally cherish philos love because it cover’s the range of natural

  3. Cyrus Waihenya says:

    One day being confused and deeply depressed, I tried to find an ultimate love from various source in order to curb the crown of issues that were running on my mind. But when I came cross John 3:16, i encountered one of the most phenomenal relief of its kind. Because the kind of love God expressed by giving His only son, that only pacified the whole contradiction that was subjected to me in the quest of finding genuine love. In my conclusion, found that, God’s love toward a man supersed all other love.

  4. Enoch Osae says:

    Does the Bible give us types of Love? Love is Love….. We are given it names because of our life style and our kind of behavior these days.
    1st Corinthians 13:4-7 13:1 Love suffereth long, and is kind; charity envieth not; Love vaunteth not itself, is not puffed up,

    Love suffereth long, and is kind; Love envieth not; Love vaunteth not itself, is not puffed up,

    Doth not behave itself unseemly, seeketh not her own, is not easily provoked, thinketh no evil;

    Rejoiceth not in iniquity, but rejoiceth in the truth;

    Beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things.

    Love never faileth:

    Looking at this,it is clear that Love is a complete something and should not lack anything. If a feeling towards another person lacks some of the things mentioned above,then it is not love,and must be given another name.

    Love is Love,it is complete. We just dont have it this days. It is hard to come by in this our time because of our sins and selfishness,and we confuse things like LUST for LOVE

    1. Odis says:

      Because of our finite minds and ,or our missing the mark,sort of speaking…we have ways in which we show are love…and it is given a shallow but acurate definition of our actions. Definitions and principles are totally different on this front. Still the words in 1Corithians ring very true.We are still that far from being complete…but when He comes who is…then will we be able to see through that glass more clearer!

    2. Mark says:

      The Bible does distinguish between the different types of love. If you study the original Greek text there are three different words used. Every one of them is translated to the same word “love”.

  5. Apostle Chuks Israel says:

    Apostle Chuks Israel. Agape love is what we need in our world today to make it a better place for the entire humanity. If humanity imbibes agape love conflict resolutions across board shall be made alot easy.Peace would reign and wars will sieze all over the world.

  6. sherril alice says:

    This is really great,i should share this topic with my students so that they really know what type of love they share towards one another.agape love is the best.

  7. ojekunle oluwakemisola says:

    we must Love one another no matter what are are going through.
    Not only your best friend that you Love. Or your boyfriend or girlfriend or ever your Wife and Husband.

  8. Longjohn Christopher Paul says:

    Indeed,love is great. I think everyone or everything on earth loves,but these types of love did not cover to my satisfaction. I want to know,the name that the kind of love we have for other things that are not hunan in nature be called. Thank you for posting this to contribute to my knowledge.

  9. Michael vivian says:

    Thanks, I learn a lot from this and i am encouraging every body to focus on that particular divine love that leads to eternal life with God which is “AGAPE LOVE” because is the best of all!.

  10. Nana Adwowa Quansah says:

    Dis has being helpful,Ids also well explained and I am thankful. Actually we r on marriage lessons and dis has helped a lot. Tanx

  11. Greg says:

    Could it be possible to still express philos love or even agape love without coming in physical contact with the person(s) that you sincerely or genuinely care for ?

  12. Chris Akpan says:

    The Agape love as prescribed is the kind of love Christians should long after,it is one that will lead them to heaven. Not that others are not important but we must first long for the best.

  13. student in field of love says:

    Love is “SAPHE”
    S arge
    A gape
    Ph ilos
    E ros
    Remember this jagon and you will always remember all kinds of love as per Greek definitions.

  14. student in field of love says:

    Which part of your body is preferable to have? I guess every part is essential. You can’t cut off any part and feel whole. You see therefore that all types of love has its own facet to fill. Relationships abhors absence of love. Soul never ever fall out of love. If it falls out of one level ,it falls unto another depending on where it is. It leaves one, it falls into another. It can not escape the ultimate love called Agape. It is unconditional love. Every one has access to it like every one has access to air we breath. Are you good or bad you still get the air that sustains you to live. That’s Agape. That’s divine. That’s Universal love.

  15. Francis Ewulley says:

    Love is such a nice feeling towards one another in whatever type but Agape is what I recommend for everybody.

  16. Priscilla says:

    Thank you so so so sssssooooooo much I neaded to write a lesson on the love chapter in a hour and I forgot the names of the three types of love and so I googled it and picked the first one and this is the website! <3 it! 😀

  17. Elizbelly guegos says:

    Thank you for this.. Very helpful for my sunday school teaching.. Love how you worded ever ything! 🙂 <3 this so muchhh and I can't wait to finish my powerpoint for my students to watch it…

    1. Min. Brandin Newsome says:

      I’m the same way with this lesson.. Currently I’m teaching on the fruit of the spirit and I feel led to stay on love just a little while. This is really helping me to describe the 3 types of love.

      1. Erica Jackson- Wade says:

        I’m writing a book surrounding the fruit of the spirit. And I have been studying on love for some time now. I’m also getting ready to read ” The Love Resolution ” by Joyce Meyer! 🙂

    1. John says:

      Hang in their Francis, God’s love is coming real soon their has been a slight delay in people finding God’s truth in God’s word; that is being addressed as you read. God’s love for each and everyone of God’s created individuals is unimaginable, unexplainable and indescribable. The same thing goes for our Creator God.
      God’s best news is; just specifically for you! I’m going to ask God to reach out and touch your heart and let you experience and feel God’s Agape Love when you read this.

      I leave you in wrapped in God’s arms of your All-Loving-I-Am-All-in-All-in-One-God-of-God’s-All-Love; in Jesus Name!


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