What Is Storge Love? Definitions and Examples

What Is Storge Love? Definition & More

Storge Love is a concept from Classic Greece that means “familial love” or “love of ones family & friends” and considered love that we sense instinctually. It is conceptually similar to Philia love.

The word “Storge” has its origins from the Ancient Greek language. It is pronounced STOR-jay. The core meaning of this Greek word equates to being instinctual or having a natural feeling. The familial bonding between two individuals is often viewed as Storge Love, a bonding between parents and children is a typical example. The bonding among other family members such as between sisters and brothers, mother and father, or wife and husband can also be regarded as Storge Love, precisely family love. This is the kind of love that happens naturally and lives on for a lifetime.

Storge Love is defined as an unconditional love, a fondness for one another with no strings attached, and it is pure. It binds families together. The strong feelings of affection are deeply rooted into ideologies of family, and they only grow stronger with time. The deeper attachments that are shared among family members cannot be replicated in any other relationships. There may be several instances of anger and frustration shown by parents towards their children for various reasons, but the tenderness and warmth towards the child never dies. For many parents, the moment of their child coming into this world changes their perspective on life. It is a very personal bond between the child and the parent. As they continue to live together, they settle into a certain familiar emotional space, where the bonding strengthens as more and more time is spent together.

This nest of love that the family builds up on, secures each other emotionally and makes them dependent on each other and stand up in times of difficulty. In the real world, children may face numerous obstacles and challenges, which at some point in their lives becomes so overwhelming that they tend to give up. It is during situations like these that they need someone to stand up for them and encourage and motivate. The familial love and bonding that is shared between the parents and their offspring over time plays a very important role in supporting their child. During the most difficult times of life as a child or as an adult, it is only the parents that they seek for who can lend a shoulder to support them emotionally and bring them back on their feet. This emotional reliance of children on their parents continues even into their adulthood.

On the other hand, parents too rely on their children to seek emotional support and progress further during their journey of struggles. The happiness and joy they experience when they see their children’s achievements is priceless. These little joys that they experience for their children is a natural feeling and love that is etched into them from the time they have arrived into the lives.

The love between siblings or even affection shown towards pets is sometimes considered as Storge Love. Siblings too often share a strong connect between them and carry those emotional attachments into the later part of their lives. Though these layers of bonding and affection too are storge, it is only the beautiful relationship between parents and children that is truly regarded as Storge Love. This unconditional and everlasting feeling of love and purity needs to be experienced by every individual and pass it on to their next generation. Storge Love is sacred, unmatched, and eternal.