What Is Platonic Love? Definition and Examples

Put simply, Platonic Love is love without physical attraction. It was never called this by Plato himself (for whom it was named), but it is a form of love he discussed extensively.

Some other forms of love that would fall into the “Platonic” category are Agape love, Philia love, and more, since these forms of love don’t generally involve a physical component.

When it comes to having a definitive meaning of platonic love, we have a couple of different descriptions of what it is. The two outstanding definitions are; This new kind of love is affectionate, simple and with no sex involved. Platonic love can also be described as an immense but non-sexual friendshi..

Most often people misunderstand the concept but platonic love is chaste and passion orientated with no feelings attached. It is ideal without selfish interests. Sometimes it is known as holy love because platonic lovers are virtuous.

Love is so beautiful with the feelings and mutuality it comes with. Others think love is directly connected with sexuality. But that is wrong! There are several kinds of love like agape, (Godly love) Eros, Storge, (family love) Philautia (self-love) et al.

Examples of platonic love

You can find an example of this in the movie I Love You Man, which is a movie about a couple of crazy kids who meet and fall in love, platonically, and become best friends.

Are you finding it difficult to gauge your friends’ feelings? Thinking that he is acting differently and showing signs of more than love? Well here are some examples to let you not go over your head and start thinking of romance.

Bro love commonly referred to as bromance

Nothing is as platonic as brotherly love. Brotherly love can also imply two guys who necessarily do not have to be blood brothers. If one guy tells another that he loves him so much, nothing is wrong with that as long as there is no sex. Sometimes bromance has been harshly prejudiced by society set up xpectations.’ It is notably a common life example of platonic love. Even if a coach tells his players that he loves them no harm is intended.

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Kind gestures can be an example of platonic love

Nothing excites me like doing random little things to people I adore. Don’t be quick to judge me! Not in a manner to portray mixed feelings. Platonic love can merely be the everyday usual kind gestures, but there is a small glimpse of love in your actions. You don’t have to love the person he could be a stranger, but at that moment you are just doing something good without expectations.

Showing love to your friends is an example of Platonic love

it is true that our friends take a more prominent part of our affection. But this doesn’t mean that we are sleeping or having a romantic affair with them. We could say it is purely professional. Well, that is what platonic love is all about. It merely means no feelings are involved. So, here we have it. We have different views of the meaning to platonic love regarding on how you can show it.

The significant difference between romantic love and platonic love is the gushy feelings found in romantic love. Sometimes platonic love is hard to control and may grow out of proportion. People have their interpretations of actions. Always make sure to be open with your feelings so as they are not misread. We have seen people who have fallen in love alone yet the other person was merely showing platonic love.

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