What Is Philia Love? | Definition and Examples

Philia love is a concept that comes to us from Ancient Greece and is most often translated as an “affection” or a “brotherly love.”


Aristotle wrote of 3 types of “philia” these are:

  1. Friendships of Utility – These are generally transactional “friends” like a cashier at a gas station. In modern times such interactions wouldn’t be considered “friendship.”
  2. Friendships of Pleasure – These are friendships kept mostly for entertaining, perhaps to have drinks, or you get together for shared hobbies or goals.
  3. Friendships of The Good – These are considered “true friendships” and it is a friendship where the main consideration of the friend is the friend themselves rather than a transaction or an amusement. You deeply consider the welfare of such friends, and many people consider such friends to be an extension of their family.