11 Owl Facts

Owls are some of the most mysterious birds on the planet. There are over 200 species of owls exiting on almost every region on earth.

Here are 11 fascinating facts about Owls:

1) Owls can turn their heads 270 degrees around

The myth that owls can turn their heads 360 degrees is just a myth. Owls can actually rotate their heads135 degrees in both directions, which gives the birds 270 degrees of total motion.

2) Owls have excellent hearing

Owls can hear prey under bushes, snow, and dirt. Some Owls have special features around their faces that focus sound making capturing prey easy.

3) Owls are strictly carnivores.

An Owls diet may include rodents, fish, small or medium-sized animals, fish, and other birds. Some Owls even eat Other Owls!

4) Owls are Nocturnal Hunters.

Unlike other predatory birds, owls hunt in darkness. Their deep colors make them almost undetectable to their prey, and their wings are almost soundless.

5) They have far-sighted, fixed and Tubular eyes

Instead of rounded eyes, owls have Tubular eyes that are fixed in their skulls. Their eyes are also large and far-sighted making them find prey from long distances with ease.

6) Owls have three eyelids

Each eyelid has its own unique purpose; the first is for blinking, the second eyelid is used for sleeping, and the third is for cleaning the eye.

7) Owls are isolated animals.

Owls do not share the same nest with other owls. But they do live relatively close to each other. To mark their territory, they hoot.


8) Owls swallow their prey whole

When an Owl clutches on its prey, it first uses its talons to crushes it to death. The owl then eats its prey whole and after digestion, barf up the carcass.

9) 216 species of owls currently

There are 216 species of owls that live today, 18 of the species belong to the Barn Owl family, and the rest of the species belong to the true owl family. They exist in every continent in the world except Antarctica.

10) Female owls are bigger than the male owls.

Female owls in most species are stronger, bigger and more energetic than the males. They are also eccentric than the males.

11) Owls have been around since the days of the dinosaurs

Archeologist concluded this fact after they found the Ogygoptynx owl fossils that existed on earth over 60-70 million years ago. This means that the birds might have coexisted with the dinosaurs during the Cretaceous period making owls one of the oldest birds ever.

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