Is A Platypus A Mammal?

The platypus is a semi aquatic and egg laying animal that is commonly found around the Australian Continent. It is a member of the monotreme species and it is the only one that lays eggs instead of giving birth.

Back in the day, English zoologists discovered the animal in the Australian continent and decided to take it back to their country. People never believed that the Frankenstein-looking animal was actually real. Why a did they refer to it as a Frankenstein–looking animal? This is because the platypus resembles an animal that is created from joining discarded parts of different animals from different groups that is birds, reptiles and mammals.

Today extensive study has been done on the animal and therefore it is finally easy to answer the following question:

So, is a platypus a mammal?

Yes, the platypus is a mammal, despite the fact that is has some strange and sometimes confusing anatomical features. For examples, it’s also known as the “duck billed platypus” and the reason for this is because it has a bill that resembles that of a duck. The reason why a platypus is a mammal is because it lays eggs as opposed to giving birth, it is covered by a coat of fur and finally it breastfeeds it young ones.

What’s strange about the platypus?

The question is a platypus a mammal? The strange anatomy of the Platypus helps us to understand what is bizarre about this little mammal.

Classified as monotremes

For those who have gotten a chance of seeing the platypus for their first time ever, you will think the animal has walked right out of a Frankenstein movie. Why? The animal has a bill that resembles that of a duck, second it has webbed feet that resemble a duck, third it has fur and a tail like other mammals. This made it difficult for the first scientists who stumbled upon it to convince people that it was a real animal.

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After extensive research and study, the researchers decided to group the animal as a monotreme so that it would be easier to classify it.

Has an electro sensitive bill

Platypus need to feed in order to survive therefore they need to hunt for food. Since they spend majority of their time in water, they need to hunt for food in the water. What is strange about the platypus hunting for food is that its bill is electro sensitive which helps the animal to track electrical signals emitted by their prey.

Bizarre breasts

In the course of answering is a platypus a mammal? the strange anatomy of the platypus, the animal as a mammal breastfeeds its young ones. What is strange is that it doesn’t have normal protruding nipples like other mammals but utilizes the areolae. The areolae usually acts as milk patches that secrete the milk that will feed the young ones. This process is similar to how the skin secretes the sweat.

Has no stomach

That’s right, you have read it correctly. A platypus has no stomach as opposed to other mammals. The stomach plays an important part in the digestion of food. In a platypus, all it has is an intestine that connects directly to the esophagus. Wow, that’s strange.

What researchers have proved is that as the platypus evolved over the years, it changed from consuming complex diets to simple foods that don’t require extensive digestion.

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