Hammerhead Shark Stuffed Animal

Is your kid really into hammerhead sharks? If so they may already know how cool and unique this hunter of the seas is. The hammerhead shark is called this because of the T-shape of its broad flat head. Each side contains one eye and one nostril. The shape of this head looks like an ax or a double hammer.

The hammerhead shark’s favorite food is the stingray. They stalk and hunt along the bottom to find squid, crustaceans, fish, octopus and even other sharks. The design of their head comes in handy as they use it to hold down prey as they eat it. Take a look at a few types of hammerhead shark stuffed animal toys sure to further capture your kid’s imagination.

Fiesta Toys Hammerhead Shark Plush Stuffed Animal

hammerhead shark stuffed plushFor kids 3+ the 16″ Fiesta Toys Hammerhead Plush is soft and cuddle-ready. It comes colored like the classic shark with grey on top and white on the bottom. The lifelike quality is sure to keep your child’s imagination and dreams swimming under the sea. Also makes travel fun.

Blue Printed Hammerhead Stuffed Animal

hammerhead shark stuffed animalThis surface washable 2 foot long hammerhead plush is designed to bring thoughts of adventure. Not only does it have lifelike features it also has cool variation in color that makes it look like the ocean floor it hunts on. This version actually comes with hammerhead shark facts printed right on the tag. Don’t forget it’s also soft and squeezable for all the comfort of a stuffed animal.

Pounce Pal Hammerhead Plush Stuffed Animal

hammerhead stuffed animalAt just under a foot long this Pounce Pal Hammerhead is made from soft, inviting plush. The fur is cool gray with shiny black eyes with rounded fins. Designed with two things in mind, shark lovers and cuddly cuteness. Great for a nap, travel or just for fun.

12″ Hammerhead Shark Stuffed Plush Animal

12 inch hammerhead stuffed plush animalThis high quality 12 inch hammerhead makes for a long lasting gift. Reviewers who got this durable shark as a gift said they would give it up for a million bucks. From the super-softness or the cuddly details down to the soft cute double rows of shark teeth. Perfect for the shark lover of any age in your life.

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Hammerhead sharks are among the coolest and most recognizable animals on the planet. The same can be said for each hammerhead shark stuffed animal on this list. From the printed to the durable, to the cute all feature a cuddly answer for gift giving time. Each one promises to roam the imagination like the real thing roams the sea floor, check them out.