Giant Stuffed Giraffe Plush Toys

A giant giraffe stuffed animal is such a cute and fun way to decorate a child’s room or just have around. Amazon has tons of adorable giraffe plush animals that can tie in with a theme or just be a cute thing that your child can hug and play with. These stuffed animals are great for jungle-themed bedrooms amid hanging stuffed monkey animals and grassy scenes. Check out these select highly rated plushies and see whether a giant giraffe is just the type of item your home or child’s room needs!

Melissa & Doug Giant Plush Giraffe

melissa and doug giant giraffe stuffed animalAs mentioned in our article about baby giraffe stuffed animals, this is giant stuffed animal of a baby giraffe, and this plush is 57 inches tall! This adorable Melissa & Doug plushie is a soft, handcrafted giraffe for play with children three and up.

This giraffe is designed to be lifelike, with realistic details such as the tan, brown, and orange patches and long eyelashes, and is subject to the stringent safety testing and measures that Melissa & Doug is known for.

This soft polyester day is surface washable, great for spills. The legs are supported by wire and this giraffe towers at nearly five feet tall! It’s the perfect accessory to complete a child’s room. This giraffe is 13 pounds and is mostly a decorative piece– but what a decorative plush animal it is!

Fiesta Toys Giant Stuffed Animal Giraffe

fiesta toys giant stuffed giraffeThe next contender in the fight for height supremacy in the world of plush giraffes is the Fiesta Toys Giant Giraffe. While not quite as tall as the last one, this plush is still impressively sized at 34 inches. It’s also free-standing, so it can just stand around chillin’ out wherever you want to put it.

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Kids will love its fluffy horns, mane and tail, as well as its high quality plush body. This beautifully designed doll will stand tall in any nursery or bedroom, looking good and being cuddly.

Large Standing Plush Giraffe

standing giant giraffe plushThis 25-inch large standing giraffe is a cute accent for any baby or child’s bedroom! This cute stuffed giraffe not only looks great, it’s the perfect thing to brighten up a room or add to a jungle theme. This plushie is great for standing up thanks to the firm rods in its leg, making it a decorative piece that won’t be prone to falling down easily. Recommended for play with children three years of age and up. This giraffe is the perfect toy to play with for any kid because it’s so soft and doesn’t have much weight to it, so let toddlers three and older at it!

There you have the top 3 giant stuffed giraffes. We considered anything over 2 feet tall, and preferably standing as one would expect of such a majestic creature, and these are the little buggers who came out on top.