Giant Elephant Stuffed Animals

Is your child’s birthday coming up close, and you are wondering what would make the perfect gift? Does your little girl wish for a fluffy bed companion to hug as you sing her to sleep?

A stuffed animal may be a classical choice but it never disappoints your child and always gives them a new friend to hug and cuddle. Are all stuffed toys alike, however? Certainly, the answer is no, and with so many choices in the market, it can be confusing to make a decision. In this article, we’ll cover this matter in details, and we shall talk specifically about buying a giant elephant stuffed animal: a perfect choice of the animal which is a good start on its own!

37 Inch Melissa & Doug Stuffed Elephant Plush

Melissa and Doug giant elephant stuffed animalThis M&D Giant Plush Elephant makes a perfect choice for any age. Made of soft polyester fabric, this plush even has the ‘wrinkles’ that gives the elephant quite the realistic look.

The plush is quite large at 37 inches, and you can give your child a ride on it if they want! And because of the perfect quality, it doesn’t cringe or buckle. It’s quite the flexible choice, and your child would surely love it.

28 Inch Super Ellie Flopsie Elephant Plush

super ellie flopsie giant stuffed elephantThe Super Ellie Flopsie plush is smaller in size than the previous toy, meant to be taken to bed so your child can hold on to it as he sleeps.

It’s still big enough to hold and cuddle and it’s super soft. With the shape of an adorable baby elephant, this one will melt your heart away.

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54 Inch Giant Elephant Stuffed Animal

54 inch giant stuffed elephant plushFinally, this guy is a huge elephant plush that can withstand a lot of children playing with it!

It has got a realistic design yet remains quite cute and soft that all you want to do is cuddle and hug it. The only downside is that perhaps the looks of an old, wise elephant may not be as attractive and appealing as a cute baby one.

Why Choose Elephants?

It’s fair to ask yourself and wonder why an elephant would be a good choice of a stuffed animal for your child. Let’s talk about elephants a little then: the giant well-known animals have been always quite significant in the Asian culture, always showing up in their religious ceremonies and even providing a method of transport for the locals. But that’s the Asian elephant, and there’s also the African elephant, living in the savannah zones and rainforests.

Their behavior is what makes them special, however. Elephants live in herds, sharing deep familial bonds. When a calf is born, not only its parents take care of raising it, but the whole herd! In addition to this caring nature, elephants are some of the most emotional animals, capable of showing joy, grief, play, and anger.

Now with that out of the way, we can now review some of the best elephant plushies and toys offered in the market, specifically on, and which we recommend for you.