What Is Eros Love? Definition and More!

Eros love is the Classic Greek word that represents passionate and romantic love, and is the basis of the word “erotic.”

As the types of Greek love go, it is the one that is NOT Platonic love, as it does involved a physical component.

However, Plato himself (who never actually used the term ‘Platonic Love’) actually believed Eros could be divided into 2 parts: Eros Vulgar (the physical side) and Divine Eros which is “divine love.”

This “Divine Eros” would actually be considered Platonic love, and is more or less the equivalent of Agape.

In the time of the Greeks, this love was considered a type of madness that was sent down by the Gods, or theia mania.

Whether you say it in English language or in Greek language the word Love is a very flexible term. One can express love for different persons and things very frequently like I love my wife’ and I love food’ simultaneously. This example expresses that love can be of different types as love for wife and food cannot be of same kind. Similarly in Greek language love can be expressed in four forms- agape, Phileo, storge, and Eros. Among these agape’ is the selfless love for children and spouse, Phileo’ is the brotherly love for friends, Storge’ is the familial love for parents and children but Eros’ represents passionate or intimate love.

Various definitions of Eros love

In the bible all the four Greek terms for love are described. But today the word Eros resemble more with the word erotic as both the terms have many similarities as well as certain differences.

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The meaning of Greek word Eros love can be sexual or romantic love as well as intense and passionate feeling. As per Greek mythology the word Eros is connected to god Eros.

In fact the Greek word Eros has not be mentioned anywhere in the Bible. Though, it was found in The New Testament but not in the form of romantic or passionate love

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