Eros | Greek God Of Love

Imagine for one second, you have the ability to make two people fall head over heels for one another, wouldn’t that be mind-blowing? Well, there was an ancient Greek god who had that ability, his name, Eros. He was the son of Aphrodite, the goddess of love. During their time, they used their skills to ensure the Greek people were happy by spreading love to the masses. Eros used his bow and arrow to make people fall in love with one another, and his abilities worked on both humans (known as mortals in ancient Greek) and his fellow gods as well. Upon shooting his arrow at you, you would instantly fall in love with the next person to come into sight.

Eros belonged to a god family called Erotes. Due to his close companionship with Aphrodite, the goddess of love, he was believed to be the son of Ares and Aphrodite who had several children together. He is believed to have had three winged brothers, who were also love gods: Pothos Himeros and Anteros. They were referred to as Erotes.

Portrayal of Eros

Eros, the Greek God of love was depicted as a mischievous, playful, winged boy carrying a bow and arrows as his weapon and love charm. His arrows of love and sexual desire were so powerful that no god or men would resist the intense desire they brought about. He had to sets of arrows in his quiver. Sharp, golden tipped arrows with dove feathers for love and blunt, lead-tipped arrows covered with owl feathers which would make you immune to love.

I’m sure you’ve heard of Cupid, especially during Valentine’s Day, well, Eros was also known as Cupid in Greek mythology. The name means “desire”.

The Tale of Eros, Apollo and Daphne

The god Apollo, one time made the mistake of mocking the abilities Eros possessed, this angered Eros, and to get back at Apollo, Eros showcased his power by shooting a gold-tipped arrow at Apollo and shooting Daphne (Apollo was seriously interested in her) with a lead-tipped arrow. This led to chaos as Apollo was left obsessing over Daphne, while she was totally unmoved and uninterested by any advances made by Apollo

How Eros began the Trojan War

Helen, the most beautiful mortal woman to ever walk the earth, was shot with a gold-tipped arrow by Eros, which led her to being entirely consumed by the love she had for Paris, the Trojan prince. Eventually, the craze they had for one another led to them fleeing to Troy, this act did not fall too kindly with the Greeks which made them to start the Trojan War in reprisal.

So, if the next Valentine’s Day finds you without a partner, ask for a love match from Eros: the Greek God of Love, you never know, you might just get your wish.