Definitions of Love Throughout The World

According the basic dictionary definition, love is a strong or passionate feeling towards someone or something. Love has been defined many ways in many cultures, and below you will find a list of the many ways of love defined throughout the world and across time.

Greeks & Love

Here are some the Greek types of love.

Agape Love – This is more commonly called “unconditional love.” It is generally considered the broadest and deepest form of love and is assumed to extend to all things.

Philia Love – Philia is a friendly love amongst peers.

Storge Love – This is the natural love you feel for family. It is safe and unconditional.

Eros Love  – Eros love is intense, passionate and associated with arousal.

Platonic Love – While this term wasn’t used by the Greeks, the name refers to the Greek Philosopher Plato and his description of “love without physical attraction.”

According to Sternberg

The Triangular Theory of Love proposed by Yale professor and psychologist, Robert Sternberg, involves 3 components of “love” (passion, intimacy, and commitment) and how they combine to form the following types of love.

Consummate Love – Similar to Agape, this love is considered the deepest in this context. It involves the perfect proportions of the three components of love, and the love is long-term, strong and unconditional.

Fatuous Love – This is often present in tumultuous relationships that proceed quickly and end disastrously. It is driven by passion and commitment without intimacy.

Companionate Love – Familial love that involved deep intimacy and commitment.

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Romantic Love – This love involves deep passion and intimacy. It is missing, or low on, the commitment component, though this can develop from such a relationship.

Empty Love – Commitment without passion or intimacy. This is often seen in long-term couples who may describe a “missing spark.”

Infatuated Love – A love driven by passion only. This is the “love” generally described when someone has a “crush.”

More definitions coming soon! 🙂 <3

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  1. Wisdom Muke says:

    Question Please!

    1. Can we define love outside God’s cycle of love?
    2. Where does it written about types of love, cause the bible says, “God is love, and he wants us to follow his steps, to love unconditional”?
    3. How many loves are there here on earth, besides the true and original love that God has for us? Myself i believe that the love of God is enough.
    Can a person love his, “Wife, friend, enemy, co-worker children without having the love of God “?

    The reason why have posed this kinda of questions, is because we the people need to come to the true light that will help us understand who we are, not what theology tells us. Most of the definition about love are human invented, they do not even match to the biblical standards, as a result we are not living what the Creator (God) intended us to live. Your reply will help in my understanding, cause am eager to learn.

    Please i wan you to define what love is from biblical point of view.
    To my side i believe that there is only one love, which is unconditional love, love that can make you and i to see everyone as God sees them, To treat everyone as God treats them. In short true love that emanates from God’s presence is an equalizer, despite one’s race, status, possession, flaws and many more to mention.

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