Cute Ugly Sweaters

Ugly  sweater parties hold a special place in the holiday party loop. You know every year you have one to go to, and if you don’t, grab your friends and throw one. Just because it’s called an ugly sweater party doesn’t mean you can’t look cute. Check out some of these cute sweaters to spice up the holidays.

Cute Ugly Penguin Sweater

So ugly it’s cute. Penguins are the perfect animal to have on a sweater during the cold months. I mean they’re cold weather professionals. You can tell by their tuxedos.


Cute Ugly Hanukkah, Oh, Llamaka Sweater

This llama is so cute. I love the little hat it’s wearing.


Cute Ugly Sloth Sweater

OMG I can’t even begin to say how cute and ugly this sweater is. Sloths are the cutest. This is my pick for the cute ugly holiday sweater.


Cute Ugly Sweater Dress

Sweater dress are great. Look cute and sexy in your ugly sweater.



Cute Ugly Octopus Sweater

I have no idea what is happening on this sweater but it’s amazing!



Cute Ugly Present Sweater

Look like a present with a bow on top. Ugly, so ugly, but cute!



Cute Ugly Unicorn Sweater

How much more magic do you need on the holiday’s other than a unicorn? Well maybe a reindeer.


Cute Ugly Bear Sweater

I don’t know if I can call this sweater ugly, because it’s so cute. The bear on it so so adorable.



Cute Ugly Deer Sweater

Okay, now this is just cheating. This is just a cute sweater. Nothing ugly about this.

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Cute Ugly Menorah Sweater

This cute ugly sweater brings  a smile to my face with its bright colors.



Cute Ugly Sweaters For Men

Listen up men… this ridiculous fashion trend isn’t just for the ladies. Just because you’re a guy, doesn’t mean you can’t look cute in your ugly sweater.

Cute Ugly Star Wars Sweater

This sweater is awesome. ‘Nuf said.


Cute Ugly Frozen Sweater

Men, you can try and hide it, but I know you love the movie frozen just as much as any 6 year old girls does. It’s magical.

cute frozen-sweater

Ugly Cute Dinosaur Sweater

Um hello, dinosaurs are amazing and they’re even better dressed for the holidays.

cute dino-sweater

Ugly Cute “Happy Hanukkah” Sweater

These little dreidels are so cute! They are really pumped about Hannukah!


Cute Ugly Hanukkah Cardigan Sweater

Add in a touch of class with this cute, but ugly, button up sweater.


Cute Ugly Minion Sweater

What a great way to celebrate the holidays with these cute minion on your sweater.minion-sweater

Cute Ugly Cat Sweater

Meowy Christmas.


Cute Ugly Sumo Sweater

I mean why not have a sumo wrestler on your holiday sweater.


Cute Ugly Reindeer Sweater

How cute is this reindeer? The ladies will love it.


Cute Ugly Seal Sweater

Whatever is happening on this sweater is cute and awesome.


Cute Ugly “a Sloth’s Christmas” Sweater

Sloths make everyone smile!


Now that these “ugly” Christmas sweaters are so popular, there are almost too many cute ugly sweaters to choose from but I hope this list provides some holiday fashion inspiration!

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