Cute Tote Bags For Summer

Who doesn’t love a totes cute tote bag? Here you will find the cutest totes this side of totes magotes.

Cute Sloth Tote Bag

cute sloth tote bag


It should come as no surprise that we love sloths here at Totes Cute, so we REALLY love this sloth tote bag, complete with an inspirational message for those who dare to dream of 24/7 naps. [Find on Amazon]

Tooty Fruity Stylish Cutie

cute fruit tote bags

I’m seeing these little fruit-prints everywhere this season, and I’m loving them! They look so fun and fresh! [Find on Amazon]

Rose Gold Waterproof Beach Tote

rose gold beach tote

Head to the beach in style this summer with this glam tote. Rose gold is fabulous, and a waterproof tote is perfect for a day at the beach. [Find on Amazon]

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