Cute Summer Outfits

Summer is the perfect time to add fun and flirty pieces to your wardrobe. This season there’s a wide variety of choices for the hottest sun dresses, skirts, beachwear, shorts, tops, and sandals. A girl can go from classic tanks and tees, to flowy sheer throwbacks from the nineties. There’s something out there to suit every woman whether you like short shorts, or skirts down to the floor. All the styles in all the stores can be overwhelming. So here’s 5 cute summer outfits to start with, and there’re all available online.

Working Girl

For the career girl, summertime is no time to vacation from the work wardrobe. You can add some fresh summer style to those stuffy boardroom outfits. Depending on where you work, the hot trend of pairing the blazer with shorts can cure all your work wear blues. Mid- thigh or knee length is best, and short-shorts need not apply.

Another option is to pair a classic maxi dress with a blazer. There are tons of options for the maxi dress: razorback, tank, halter, tank, sleeveless, strapless, prints, solids, stripes, jersey knit, polyester, fitted, loose, and 100% cotton. So you can play around with the different styles until you find the one that suits you.

A Day At the Beach

Ten to one you probably need to step up your swimwear game. That old suit from two summers ago just won’t do. Swimwear has grown from just a basic suit to hundreds of different styles, cuts, and colors to suit every woman.
The cover up use to be something that only your mother would wear, but today it has become a staple part of the resort wardrobe. Caftan style cover-ups are maxi dresses strictly for the beach. They can be found in sheers, opaque solids, prints, and fun patterns. These versions are full length, but mini-cover ups are available as well. You can buy chiffon, polyester, or jersey knit fabrics.

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The swimsuit is available in so many options, you’ll probably never even see all there is to see. but there’s the tankini, bikini, monokini, and classic one piece. these can be found in any solid color, floral patterns, other patters, metallics, embellished, and plain. the tops to the bikinis can be triangles, halter, bandeau, ruched, tank top, or one shoulder. Your bottoms may be traditional, ruched, bow tie, string, or boy short. Sometimes you can mix and match.

Girls’ Night Out

Short shorts and a tank top is perfect for a laid back girls’ night out in the summertime. Ribbed tanks, spaghetti strap tanks, solid colors, prints, !00% cotton, polyester, or even silk tank tops all look hot. You can add chunky jewelry and sexy shoes to bring it all together.

Everyday Summer Fun

For that everyday look, denim shorts and a t shirt are perfect. A classic style, you can dress it up or down with jackets, sweaters, jewelry, and hot shoes to bring it all together. T- shirts have come a long way, so you can choose from the plain white tee to shirts with cool detailing, mixed fabric piecing, lots of colors, fits, necklines, and decals. One thing about denim shorts and t-shirts, you stay comfortable all day long.

Date Night

If you have a night out with that special someone a printed body dress is the way to go. Something hat shows off your curves will be a surefire hit of the night and make heads turn when you walk in the room. All eyes will be on you in your dress with a floral print, pattern, stripes, or solid colors. Try to find something that is a Lycra blend, and has good support up top. You want the style to streamline your body and compliment you in every way.

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