Cute Owl Stuffed Animals

Are you looking for the greatest stuffed animal toys for your growing and inquisitive child? Stuffed animals are a great way to make education fun while giving a gift that will bring comfort and curiosity. Does your kid have a favorite animal? Have they learned about the amazing and cool nocturnal owl?

Owls are cool because they are hunting birds that are mainly active at night. When your kids are usually asleep. They are in the category of birds of prey, which means they have a diet of other animals. They are covered in feathers that give them the ability to have very quiet flight.

The owl is found in areas all around the world and in virtually every type of environment. They are adapted in color to the local habitat. Because they have very strange calls they are found in stories and legends also from around the world. Take a look at a few owl stuffed animals that can bring the curiosity and adventure of the nocturnal owl to your kid’s life now.

Mary Meyer Marshmallow Zoo Owl Stuffed Animal

Mary Meyer owl stuffed animalThe ultra soft Mary Meyer zoo owl is 13″ tall and has beans in the bottom and feet for seated cuteness. From a company providing cuteness and long lasting fun since 1933.

The reviews say kids demand to keep their zoo owl with them on trips, to sleep and some even take it to school. See what all the “Hooting” is about.

Aurora World 9″ Barney the Great Horned Owl Plush Toy

Barn Great Horned Owl stuffed animalThe Aurora World owl is a different take on the stuffed owl. This toy is build to look very realistic and includes curious details from the yellow glossy eyes to the pointy ears.

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The color is a match to the real thing as well. Built from soft and comfortable material and filled with beans this is a great purchase for the little science and detail loving little one in your life.

Ty Beanie Boos Oscar The Blue/Purple Owl Plush

Ty Beanie Boo stuffed animal owlThis stylized colorful Ty Beanie Owl is great to capture the dreamy imagination of a child. The Ty Company has a long reputation of producing treasures for their owners and this one is no different.

From the sparkly huge owl eyes and beak to the soft comforting fur this handmade treasure is sure to please and amaze.

These are few options to celebrate and explore the curious owl. Kids name them, love them and develop more interest in favorite animals. From the cutest to the most realistic to the most magical you have the full range of owl stuffed animals on this list. Check them out.

So there you have my 3 favorite owl stuffed animals. What are yours? Let me know in the comments.