Cute Mothers Day Quotes

From the mouths of Tina Fey to George Washington here is most famous mother’s day quotes.

My mom was a gorgeous woman I ever set my eyes on. All my success in my life I highly attribute the physical education, the moral and intellectual support I received from her.

This is a famous quote by George Washington during one of his speeches. He was the first president of the United States and the Leader of the Continental Army during the American Revolution.

Washington Irving, a well renowned American author is well known for his works such as “Legend of Sleepy Hollow and RIP Van Winkle,” is also known for his famous quote in which he says:

cute mothers day quotes 2016

“a mom is the real friend that we have, when sudden and heavy trials befall us; when misfortunes takes the place of success; when friends who rejoice in our success forsake us when we are in trouble, she still stays with us and tries to shine light into our darkness and restore peace in our hearts.”


My mother is my first greatest love. She is a rare and a wonderful woman. She is steadfast, strong and generous just as the sun and she are fast just as a white whiplash, gentle and kind just like warm rain and loyal just like the ground beneath.

This quote is a novelist and one of the most influential writers of the 20th century D.H Lawrence.

Emma Stone, a great actor, known for her acting roles in legendary movies such as the “Crazy, Stupid, Love,” “Amazing Spider-Man” and “The Help” and has received Oscar nomination for her astonishing performance is also known for this enriched quote

My mom is my guidance and my emotional barometer. I was the luckiest to have had a woman who gave a helping hand in everything I did.

The famous Aristotle is well-known for his quote in which he said:

Mothers are more loving of their children than fathers because they are sure the children are their own.


All that I am or I will ever be; I greatly shall owe to my great mother.

This is a quote by Abraham Lincoln, one of the US founding fathers.

We should let France have good mothers, and she will have great sons.

It’s a famous quote by Napoleon Bonaparte.

Gorge Eliot, a novelist, said,

Even in the presence of a wicked man, a moms longing is capable of feeling the presence of a cherished child.

According to Henry Ward Beecher, he said that

A mom’s hearts is the kids schoolroom.


A good academy is the mother’s knee.

It’s a quote by James Russell Lowell

Those are some of my favorite quotes honoring loving mother’s everywhere for this Mother’s Day holiday.

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