Cute Giraffe Stuffed Animals

If you’re a giraffe lover, or know someone who is, you are going to love you a giraffe stuffed animal. They come in various shapes, sizes and colors, but the most interesting are those which looks like some animal. If your child’s favorite animal is a giraffe and you think that giraffe stuffed animal would be welcomed gift, find out more about these interesting animals and stuffed toys in their shapes.

Melissa & Doug Stuffed Giraffe Toy

melissa and doug giant giraffe stuffed animalYou will find the Melissa & Doug stuffed animal giraffe on just about every category on this website because this handsome devil is just so amazing. At 57 inches tall, it really captures the glorious height of this animal in plush form.

Don’t let its size fool you, it’s still just as cute and cuddly as any smaller plush, and you can use this big guy as a body pillow if you want. It’s like a big beautiful pet without all the chores that come along with a living creature.

This big toy will give a lot of fun for the child, but also the education because most of the details are very realistic. The surface is easy for washing, and the material is soft and friendly.

Aurora World Destination Nation Giraffe Plush

aurora world stuffed giraffe toyThe Aurora World Stuffed Plush Giraffe is 12 inches and will keep long a child’s attention. Although it is very soft, it can suffer a lot of playing without tearing because it’s quite durable. Let’s also not forget how cute it is. Look at that face!

It is perfectly suited to sitting on your bed, or a shelf, as the configuration on this little guy in a seating position rather than standing like many other plush giraffes.

Nature has created many wonderful and unusual creatures, and the giraffe is just one of them. With its disproportionate neck and vivid colors, these tall African animals certainly draw attention. They are giants who can reach a height of up to 200 inches and a weight of 3000 pounds. Despite big size, they are herbivores and only eat leaves and branches of mimosa and acacia. To get blood to the brain, these mammals have a special heart that is 25 times bigger than man’s. It is interesting that giraffes sleep shortest of all mammalian, which is from ten minutes to two hours a day. Admit that we could achieve a lot during the day that we have this capability! It has been found that these beautiful animals are completely silent, and the only animals born with horns. They also have the longest tail among mammals that is 100 inches.

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All this tells us that they are really unique and special, so it is no wonder if they attracted your child’s attention. If you want to have giraffe a little closer than on TV and pictures, the good solution is the giraffe stuffed animal.