What Is Consummate Love? Definition and Examples

Love is a feeling we all yearn for. Either to have someone to love, or to be loved dearly by someone else. People have often tried to describe it in many scientific definitions, but it can be said that love is one feeling which science alone cannot explain.

Although, there are many psychologists who have tried to explain it from a psychological perspective. This is where a theory called The Triangular Theory of Love comes in the picture.


The psychologist who developed this theory was Robert Sternberg. His aim while developing this theory was to define a relationship in terms of a few key elements. The three main elements of Sternberg’s Triangular Theory of Love:

  • Passion
  • Intimacy
  • Commitment

And from those basic 3 components, the following types of love are created:

  • Liking
  • Infatuated Love
  • Empty Love
  • Romantic Love
  • Compassionate Love
  • Fatuous Love
  • Consummate Love
  • Non-Love

Each of these categories of love is a unique combination of all the three elements of love.

What is Consummate Love?

Sometimes, we may have commitment and passion, but no intimacy (also called Fatuous Love). Or we may also have passion and intimacy, but no signs of a long-term commitment (also called Romantic Love). But if we combine all the three, we get the perfect kind of love, Consummate Love.

This is the category of love where all the three components are present. Passion, Intimacy and Commitment, all of them in the right mix. Hence, this is also known as the complete love.
It is a feeling many have described as the best feeling in the world and is unmatchable in terms of life satisfaction. Although, this fact is also true that some couples find that they are better suited to one of the other seven kinds of love. So, it’s not necessary to impose upon two people that consummate love is the only thing they should aim for. Compatibility and mind-sets vary and thus do the types of relationships.


There are many examples of complete love in various works of literature and movies.

All I Ask of You (Music)

It’s one of the parts of an opera sung by two lovers, Raul and Christine, for each other. It is a part of he Phantom of the Opera’. They have a mutual passion for theatre, are also attracted to each other physically, and are committed.

The Notebook (Movie)

Perhaps the most famous example.
It is a story about two people who had a deep love for each other and is an extremely emotional ride.

My Love (Poem by Bobby Allen)

The words of the poem almost make you feel that you yourself are experiencing love and just defines throughout what complete love is.