What Is Companionate Love? Definition and More

Companionate love includes both intimacy and commitment but passion is not included in companionate love. It is a kind of love that includes a very deep commitment to one another. It is very stronger than any other love because of the addition of the commitment. In order to understand the companionate love first, we need to understand the triangular theory of love.

The Triangular Theory of Love

According to the Sternberg’s Theory of Love also known as the Triangular Theory of Love which presented in 1985 by Robert Sternberg, love is based on three components – Intimacy, Passion and Commitment. According to the theory, intimacy is the feeling of closeness, attachment, and connectedness of two persons. Passion is an intenseness which you experience when you like some person. On the other hand, commitment connects Intimacy and passion means it is both short and long-term decisions and the promises to stick with one another and also plan for the future. There are 6 forms of love which are the combinations of the three components.

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