The Cheek Kiss | Meaning & More

There are many types of kisses and each of them as different meaning or messages they carry. It is important to know the importance of kiss on the cheek, and how it should be done. So, what does a cheek kiss mean?

A kiss on the cheek can mean support

It is necessary to note that not all kisses made on the cheek are intended to be sexual. There some instances when a loved one may go through hard times and a kiss on the cheek may be used to show support and love to them. In this kind of situation, you will be required to know how to place a perfect kiss on their cheek. Often these kisses on the cheek are usually accompanied by a warm, long and loving hug and taps on their backs. To bring out the support and love this cheek kiss should be done quickly followed with a long warm hug.

This kind of kiss can also show solidarity with someone you love, for example, if someone has won a race, competition etc. In summary cheek, a kiss can be used to give support and show love in good and also bad times. So don’t rush to give a guy on their neck when going through tough times lest you need to be misunderstood.

It can portray simple affection

Yeah, this is true, you heard me right. A cheek kiss placed properly can go along way in showing love and affection. You can kiss your family member, your lover, your friend on their cheek without raising eyebrows as long you do it correctly. To show affection, a kiss on the cheek can be accompanied by a hug to compliment it to show more love. The time you spend to give a kiss on the cheek depends on the person you are kissing. For your lover, the kiss might be longer and even the hug might be tighter than that of a friend. It’s important to make sure the person you are giving the cheek kiss understands what the kiss means before rushing to kiss them. I highly advise that you restrain from kissing your friends guy on the cheek because many cultures consider kissing a little feminine.

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It can signify complicity

Apparently, you may have seen in movies kissing on the cheek prior to the beginning of a meeting or even on an execution. This kind of kiss has an importance which is yes you made the right guess.’In other terms we can say it means they are in accord. It can also imply that the mafia members have taken an oath to keep the secrets even if it means to be careful when you go kissing people on their cheek especially Mafia!

A kiss on cheek can have a lot of meanings, so it is important to understand its meaning before rushing to give it to anyone you like

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