Baby Giraffe Stuffed Animals

There is something endearing about baby giraffes that make them such cute toys for kids. Getting a baby giraffe stuffed animal for a child can be a great learning aid. Why a giraffe and not a bear? Well giraffe’s are beautiful, and bears are jerks. Giraffes invoke wonder at first glance because of their distinctive long neck and long spindly legs and unless you live in the African Savanna plains or next to a zoo with an actual Giraffe on site, most people can go a lifetime without ever seeing an actual Giraffe. There are different stuffed baby giraffes on the market from a four-foot tall stuffed baby Giraffe to an 8-inch stuffed giraffe.

My Fave Baby Giraffe Plush Dolls

Melissa and Doug life-sized Stuffed Baby Giraffe

melissa and doug giant baby giraffe stuffed animalThe Melissa and Doug Giraffe Plush toy that is a 57 inch tall life-sized baby giraffe plush toy made with soft polyester fabric.

Now you might be thinking “it’s over 4 feet tall! That’s no baby!” but you have to keep in mind that when giraffes are born they can be anywhere from 5.5-6.5 feet tall! This is bigger than most babies in the animal kingdom, and on land the only larger babies are elephants and rhinos, but even they aren’t taller than a baby giraffe.

This real-size toy not only looks good in a nursery but is so huggable babies and toddlers will love it.

The Fisher-Price Soothe & Glow Baby Stuffed Giraffe

Fisher Price Soothe and Glow Baby Giraffe Stuffed AnimalThe Fisher-Price Soothe and Glow Giraffe is a soft, cuddly stuffed giraffe that plays lullaby tunes continuously and emits a gentle glow of light.

The music is activated by a gentle squeeze making this an ideal huggable toy that helps lull your baby to sleep

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Ty Tiptop Baby Giraffe Plush Toy

Ty Beanie Baby Giraffe Stuffed AnimalYou know Ty from their popular Beanie Babies. They make excellent stuffed toys, and the Ty Tiptop Giraffe is no exception. It’s soft, snug and made for lots and lots of hugs. It is machine washable and safe for infants. It is so cute it is easy to see why children get so attached to it.

Children love soft toys, that is why the first toy a baby will reach for is a teddy bear; they are soft, warm and cuddly. There are a whole range of different stuffed animal toys besides bears that you can get for your child besides being educational they are great pacifiers. As they grow up, children start to show a bit of character. They know what they like and what they don’t like and will often indicate this by either losing interest in the toys they loved as babies.

They may start showing a special interest in a particular toy and will play more with it, go everywhere with it, name them, insist on sleeping with them and generally take them along as they go through daily life. Stuffed animal toys can be more than a toy but they can be used to educate a child. It is amazing the kind of lessons one stuffed toy can teach a growing child from language, colors, shapes and learning about the animal kingdom. Stuffed toys can also be used to teach a child empathy, they can expand a child’s imagination and help children deal or cope with their emotions.

There are so many lovable stuffed animal toys out there but a baby giraffe is hard not to fall in love with.

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