What Is Agape Love? Definitions and Examples

What Is Agape Love? Definition & Examples

The word agape originated in Ancient Greece and is considered the highest form of love. It is the broad, or “universal,” form of love that includes things like “love of all people” and “love of the Earth.”

Within Christianity, agape is considered the Love of God or Christ.

Every one of us desires to love, to be loved. In one way or the other, we all seek love. Sometimes it comes, genuine, fulfilling, like a river of satisfaction that leads you towards your fate in life.

Sometimes, it doesn’t, and if it does it come in small spurts that are more disappointing than hurting.

Most of us just have a blanket description of love. We don’t know that there are many types of love in existence.

While it would be rather imprudent to go on about all the types of love in the world, I think we should just zoom in to our focus for the article, Agape love.


Many people define Agape love as a love for the world, a love for strangers nature or God. In some facets, it crosses paths with the modern concept of Altruism. It is the highest level of love that anyone can achieve in life.

In the more semantic sense, Agape is essentially a Greek word for “absolute love.” It has become associated with Christian teachings over time, but it transcends the boundaries of Christianity in practice.

It is based on maintaining the values of society and aspiring to better physical and mental health.


1. At the societal level

At the basic social level, agape love can be manifested in many ways. But in most occasions, a complete compassion for good, for the genuine good of humanity should be taken into consideration. You see that lady who feeds the homeless, the man who visits the hospital to uplift the spirits of the sick, people who are not associated to either of them?

That is agape love at work. A genuine interest in maintaining the balance of society, by giving out what you have, to those who don’t have is agape love at its best manifestation.

2. In Christianity

Christianity holds Agape love as the highest type of love anyone can achieve. This belief stems from the ephemeral teachings of Jesus, that “God is love.” Perhaps we should start with John 3:16, where God gave his son, Jesus, for the world to be saved from the dungeons of sin. In the Bible, Agape love describes God’s immense love for humankind, and that of his son Jesus, that he showed to his followers and to his father.

In retrospect, we should say that Agape love is not about emotions and feelings. It is not the conventional romantics. It is love at work, which is seen more in what we do, than what we feel. According to Christianity, the type of love that God manifests transcends the bias of human tendencies. God loves even those we cannot love, and he loves genuinely without restrictions. This is the ultimate and purest form of love.

For the world to be a better, we should all aspire to live as brothers and sisters, with care for each others’ needs. This is the premise upon which Agape love is hinged. Love is not just about romance, it is love in action.