7 Cute Cheap Date Ideas

Reservations at that same boring, hoity-toity restaurant again? Never fear – you don’t have to empty your wallet or go somewhere fancy to have a great time on a date. These cute, cheap ideas allow you to connect with your sweetheart, explore new things together, and are way more fun and less expensive than an extravagant dinner at a snobby club or eatery!

  1. Take a trip to the nearest mini-golf facility or bowling alley. This is a chance to have a little fun competition with your guy while also enjoying activities that bring youthfulness to the date. Many places have great deals on game combos, and you can amp up the date by doing cosmic bowling or betting who can go the longest without flinging the golf ball into the land of no return.
  2. Do something outdoorsy, like visiting a state park or forest preserve, or spending time at a beach. Hiking through a park or preserve allows you to focus on conversation and getting to know your date better, and it’ll likely cost you nothing. The gorgeous backdrop of foliage, wildlife, and waterfalls just serves as an added bonus. A beach trip or walk along a lake is fun and romantic. The salty air, joyful sounds of the beachgoers, and versatility of swimming and walking will put you in a feel-good mood.
  3. Try something sporty but couple-friendly, like ice skating or rollerblading. The fun of catching your balance and tripping over your skates will break the ice (hopefully not literally!) and give you the sweet opportunity to hold hands for support. Many rinks have music or fun light shows, which enhance the experience, and entry is usually very affordable.
  4. Build your knowledge and strike up an intelligent conversation at a zoo, museum, or gallery. Many zoos and libraries have free days or resident discount days, as well as special events. Checking out the various exhibits and attractions will be fun and memorable, plus you’ll likely learn something new!
  5. Instead of going out to eat, stay home and plan a meal to cook together. Not only will you save money, but you can set the atmosphere with candles and music, and you can be as affectionate as you want without the burning eyes of the public on you. If you’d prefer to dine out, try joining a brewery or wine tour. You can often get great deals or packages for a reasonable price, and you’ll get to try some great samples of food and liquor while learning more about the establishments.
  6. Check your local listings and websites for free city events. Summer months are often chock-full of festivals and carnivals, and you can check out some live music, ride the Ferris wheel, or share a sugary funnel cake. The childlike ambience, bright lights, and fun festivities of a fair are always enjoyable, and you can usually enter for free or a minimal fee. Cities also host things like movies in the park, pottery or painting classes, or volunteer events.
  7. Take a class or lesson together. Check your coupon sites for deals on local classes. A wide range of options exists, and you can choose between things like horseback riding lessons, cooking classes, fitness classes, and more. The excitement of learning something new with your partner will likely forge a bond and become an unforgettable memory.
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Dating doesn’t have to be repetitive or expensive. By planning ahead, searching for deals, and being open to try new things, your future dates will be fun, meaningful, and won’t break the bank. So what are you waiting for? Go practice your golf swing!