Cute Ugly Sweaters For Men – 2016 Edition

Listen up men… Let me hook you up with ideas for awesome and cute ugly sweaters for the fun and festive holiday parties you’ll be attending this year. Just because you’re a guy, doesn’t mean you can’t look cute in your ugly sweater.

Star Wars Sweater

This sweater is awesome. Star Wars is already for the holidays.


Cute Frozen Sweater

Men, you can try and hide it, but I know you love the movie frozen just as much as any 6 year old girls does. It’s magical.

cute frozen-sweater

Cute Dinosaur Sweater

Um hello, dinosaurs are amazing and they’re even better dressed for the holidays.

cute dino-sweater

Cute Happy hanukkah Sweater

 These little dreidels are so cute.


Hanukkah Button Up Sweater

Add in a touch of class with this cute button up sweater.


Ugly Cute Minion Sweater

What a great way to celebrate the holidays with these cute minion on your sweater.minion-sweater

Cute Cat Sweater

Meowy Christmas.


Cute Sumo Sweater

I mean why not have a sumo wrestler on your holiday sweater.


Cute Reindeer Sweater

How cute is this reindeer? The ladies will love it.


Cute Seal Sweater

Whatever is happening on this sweater is cute and awesome.


A Sloth Christmas

Sloths make everyone smile. Happy Holidays!


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